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“ Top Notch Service For those of you that own a car, whether it be import or not, this is most definitely the best place to take your car for service. I have two cars and I trust both of them to Import Auto ServiceSantee without hesitation. I have been bringing my Mercedes and BMW there for a couple of years now and I can tell you that the service has always been excellent in every way. Not only is the service great but the costs are very reasonable. I appreciate the fact that I was able to find this place and glad that I can rest easy from here on out with any car or my friends cars. They tell me that they have been very satisfied with the service as well. I highly recommend Import AutoService Santee See for yourself! You will be glad you did!! ”
Not only did they fix the mechanical issues with my car, but Tim even fixed my bumper for me as part of the service! Great customer relations, and everything was explained in detail and the costs were very reasonable.
Such a professionally run business... Honest, clean, friendly, and great pricing! I felt very comfortable having work done at this business and I would recommend this company to anyone in need of import car repairs.

Clutch Repair Services

Import Auto Service in San Diego provides clutch repair service for most import automobiles. Whether your vehicle has an abnormal amount of extra wear and tear or your vehicle reaches that age & mileage where the clutch needs to be replaced, we are here to help. We specialize in import automobiles and do our best to keep our prices competitive so you don’t pay an arm and a leg for your clutch repair service.

Below is a list of symptoms that may indicate you need your clutch repaired or replaced:

  • Change in engine speed without noticeable acceleration. (if you rev your engine and the car hesitates before accelerating)
  • Change in the clutch pedal height where the driver feels the clutch begin to engage.
  • Change in perceived engine power when pulling a load.
  • A noticeable burning smell from under the hood.

Santee Auto Repair | Clutch Repair Services

If you are noticing problems with your clutch, schedule an appointment for diagnostic and service today.

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